Mouthguards and Dental Splints

Protect Your Smile with Custom Mouthguards

As a trusted dental care provider in the Tarneit and Hoppers Crossing communities, Oral Square Dental Care is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of our patients. One of the ways we prioritise your dental health is by offering custom mouthguards and mouth splints. These dental devices are highly effective in protecting your teeth from wear and damage, especially during sporting activities or while addressing certain dental conditions and even snoring.

Dental Mouthguard Versus Dental Splint

A dental mouthguard and a dental splint are both oral devices, but they serve different purposes. A mouthguard is designed to protect the teeth, mouth, lips, gums, and tongue from injury where there is an increased risk of injury (during sports), whereas a dental splint is a device that holds the teeth together to prevent damage from bruxism (teeth grinding) and clenching.

Mouthguards Explained

A mouthguard is a removable protective oral device that is designed to be worn to protect the teeth during sports and physical activity where there is a risk of injury to the teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue. Their purpose is to help prevent teeth from being chipped, cracked or knocked out altogether or any damage to soft tissue in the mouth.

Dental Splints Explained

A dental splint, also known as an occlusal splint or bite guard, is a device worn in the mouth to hold the teeth together. It helps prevent harmful and damaging movements like teeth grinding or excessive chomping. Mouth splints are much tougher than mouthguards because they’re made from a harder plastic material. They’re also designed to fit even firmer over the upper and lower teeth so as to offer maximum protection.

Types of Custom Mouthguards

At Oral Square Dental Care, we understand that each patient has unique needs and preferences. That’s why we offer different types of custom mouthguards to cater to a variety of situations.

First, the most common dental mouthguard is the Boil-And-Bite Mouthguard, which provides a customised fit by softening the material in hot water and moulding it to your teeth.

Another option is the Custom-Made Mouthguard, which is individually crafted based on a dental impression taken by our skilled professionals. This ensures the best fit and maximum comfort.

Benefits of Custom Mouthguards

Custom mouthguards offer a multitude of benefits to dental patients.

  • Provide excellent protection against impact and trauma during sports activities, reducing the risk of broken or lost teeth, jaw fractures, and other oral injuries
  • Prevent tooth wear and damage caused by teeth grinding and clenching, a condition known as bruxism. By wearing a custom mouthguard, you can alleviate the strain on your jaws and protect your teeth from excessive wear
  • A custom mouthguard can serve as an effective treatment option for patients with TMJ Dysfunction, reducing pain and discomfort associated with this condition

Get Your Custom Mouthguard With Oral Square Dental Care

At Oral Square Dental Care, we are dedicated to providing high-quality dental solutions in a safe and caring environment. Our commitment to patient wellbeing is demonstrated through our modern facilities, comprehensive range of dental services, and ongoing professional development.

If you want to invest in the protection of your teeth and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a custom mouthguard, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with us. We look forward to helping you protect your smile with custom mouthguards and mouth splints.